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ladbrokes立博中文版致力于确保所有人都能平等地获得其课程, services and community. Student Accessibility Services supports this commitment through its work with students, faculty, staff, 以及桥水社区,以确定并消除充分参与大学体验的障碍. 

Student Accessibility Services 与有学习记录的录取学生合作, intellectual, or cognitive disabilities; medical diagnoses or physical challenges; psychological diagnoses and autism. Through Student Accessibility Services, 学生可以获得教室或校园社区住宿, access to assistive technology, and referrals to additional resources. Student Accessibility Services is also available to assist students with opportunities such as registering for classes and degree-planning as appropriate.

Student Accessibility Services Philosophy

Our mission 是让学生获得有意义的大学经历,成为见多识广的自我倡导者.

Our vision is to bring together the BSU Community to reduce barriers and foster an inclusive and accessible experience for all.

Empower advocates. Promote equality. Enrich community.

ladbrokes立博中文版致力于确保所有人都有平等的机会参加其课程, services, and community. 学生是否应该经历与残疾相关的全面参与障碍, they should collaborate with the Student Accessibility Services to explore what accommodations they may be eligible for.

Determining Eligibility for Accommodations

The Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990, the Americans with Disabilities Amendment Act (ADAAA) of 2008, and Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973 shape how Bridgewater State University ensures that students with disabilities have the same access to the comprehensive college experience as students without disabilities. In the classroom, for example, accommodations are meant to guarantee that a student is able to access all learning requirements for the course in a manner that is equivalent to their peers. Accommodations are not a guarantee of success, 难道不应该给予残疾学生比其他非残疾学生更大的优势吗, 它们也不应该从根本上改变课程或体验的核心学习目标. To determine what, if any, accommodations a student is eligible for, 学生和学生无障碍服务之间的互动过程被利用.

Establishing Student-Specific Reasonable Accommodations

Students seeking accommodations must first self-disclose the nature of their disability or need for accommodation to the Student Accessibility Services. 学生必须提供证明住宿需求的具体文件. Guidelines for Documentation are based on national standards, 并旨在促进对学生需求的全面和当前的理解. 一旦所有必需的文件提交给学生无障碍服务, it is reviewed by a qualified member of the team. The student must set up and attend an appointment with an Accessibility Specialist to engage in further discussion of how their disability/disabilities impact their unique experience. 根据学生的需求描述和支持文件, eligibility will be determined. If found eligible, the student and Accessibility Specialist will then collaborate to create a Letter of Accommodation as well as identify additional resources as needed.

Please note that accommodations granted may be 不同于在高中通过学生IEP或504计划提供的服务/支持. Additionally, once accommodations are granted, if a student continues their enrollment at Bridgewater State University with no changes to their diagnosed disability/disabilities, 证明文件一般不需要重新提交,以继续住宿.

Implementing Accommodations

Once a student receives their Letter of Accommodation, they are responsible for communicating those accommodations to their professor(s) and other members of their community as needed. For classroom accommodations, students should meet with their faculty members during office hours to discuss how the specific accommodations will be implemented in each class. For accommodations within the Residence Halls, 学生与他们的地区协调员安排时间可能是合适的, 住宿主任或住宿助理讨论住宿. Students must individually disclose their accommodations in the areas they are granted and wish to receive those accommodations in. The Student Accessibility Services team will assist students to understand their responsibility for and best approach to communicating their accommodations with others.

Timeframes for Requesting Accommodations

超过一千名ladbrokes立博中文版的学生申请并获得住宿. 而住宿要求则是不断考虑的, it is important to note that accommodations are not retroactive and should therefore be requested as early as possible. The earlier accommodations are requested, the more time we have to prepare for successful implementation.

Academic Accommodations
  • 这一类的住宿必须每学期申请, 因为它们应该反映学生所就读的特定课程的独特经历.
  • 学生应在7月中旬之前提交秋季学期的教室住宿申请, mid- December for Spring Semester, and mid-May for Summer session.
Classroom and Campus Environmental/Physical Accommodations
  • 这一类的住宿必须每学期申请, 由于这些设施的实施往往需要修改教室的位置或设备, 或者在ladbrokes立博中文版社区之外获得服务.
  • Students should submit their request for Classroom and Campus Environmental/Physical Accommodations as soon as they have enrolled in their courses. 请注意,课程的延迟注册可能会延迟这些住宿的成功实施.
On-Campus Residential Accommodations (e.g., Emotional Support Animal Accommodations)
  • 学生应在秋季学期6月底前提交校内住宿申请, mid-December for Spring Semester, and mid-May for Summer session.
  • 促进每学期开学住宿的成功实施, the above timeframes should be followed, though requests are accepted at other times/on an ongoing basis. Speak with a member of the Student Accessibility Services team or Office of Residence Life and Housing for additional guidance.
University Community/Experiential Accommodations (e.g., Reduced Enrollment Accommodations)
  • 在这个区域请求住宿的时间是根据具体情况而定的. 学生应该与学生无障碍服务团队成员讨论他们的独特案例, or see existing policies/procedures as applicable.

文档是用来了解一个人的残疾及其影响的一种资源. 配合学生的自我报告和互动过程, 我们使用文档来对适当的住宿做出明智的决定.

All requests 对于住宿,应提供符合以下标准的文件:

  • 必须包括由合格专业人员指定的特定ICD-10或DSM-V诊断
  • 用于诊断的检测或其他评估必须是最近的(3年内)。
  • 文件必须用专业抬头的信纸,并包括评估人员的许可信息
  • 由合格的专业人员出具的关于病情严重程度的声明, how it substantially limits life areas, and expected prognosis must be included
Additionally, requests related to Learning & Cognitive/Intellectual Disabilities should also include:
  • A clinical summary with diagnostic interview
  • 评估能力、成就和信息处理 
  • Actual test scores from standardized instruments

Additionally, requests related to Temporary Conditions should also include: 

  • Treatment plan and follow up care 

Additionally, requests related to Emotional Support Animals should also include: 

  • Treatment plan that includes ESA

注:一般而言,IEP或504计划不太可能符合上述所有标准. 如果您没有符合这些指导方针的文件,请ladbrokes立博中文版的团队(SAS@swingersden.com) to discuss options.

The following “Rights & Responsibilities” of students, faculty, and Student Accessibility Services are offered to ensure equity in obtaining and implementing reasonable accommodations at Bridgewater State University.

Students have the right to:

  • 遵循已定义的探索服务的过程,通过SAS寻求帮助.
  • Voluntarily self-disclose a diagnosis. 如果学生希望要求学术或社区住宿, 他们必须通过SAS或其他确定的方法(如住房)通知大学, Meals, and Parking Exceptions process). 如果学生不要求住宿,他们不需要自我识别.
  • Equitable access to academics, spaces, services, benefits, co-curricular activities, housing and transportation, and University programs.
  • Receive reasonable, appropriate, 如果通过互动过程获得批准,有效的住宿.
  • Decline an approved accommodation at any time.
  • 对文件、诊断和治疗保密.
  • 接收在合理时间范围内可用的无障碍格式的信息.
  • Expect protection from discrimination.
  • 根据大学程序提出申诉、上诉或投诉.

Students are responsible to:

  • 了解并遵循合理的程序来实施批准的住宿.
  • Review and respond to communication from SAS.
  • Initiate contact with SAS in a timely manner, 由于批准的住宿不具有追溯力,可能需要时间来实施.
  • Follow SAS accommodations request and other procedures, 包括定期的互动会议,讨论住宿.
  • 为每个需要住宿的诊断提交适当的文件.
  • 直接向学院提供当前的住宿信,以启动批准的住宿.
  • 如果批准的住宿不能正常工作,及时通知SAS, is no longer needed, or is not being implemented in the manner that was expected.
  • Follow University procedures when filing a complaint.
  • Follow the University’s Student Code of Conduct.
  • Meet BSU’s qualifications, essential academic and institutional standards, which are expected of all students.

Faculty have the right to:

  • Determine course content and methods of teaching.
  • Ensure that course standards are not lowered or compromised.
  • 期望残疾学生遵守社区标准和课堂行为期望.
  • 如果学生的住宿请求没有得到SAS的批准,拒绝学生的住宿请求.
  • 请学生见面讨论如何实施批准的住宿.
  • 与SAS讨论批准的迁址可能构成根本变更的问题.
  • 请求SAS协助理解和/或适当实施批准的住宿.
  • Ensure that a student receives a grade that accurately reflects their performance related to the essential course requirements.

Faculty are responsible to:

  • Direct student questions about accommodations to SAS.
  • 要求学生在提供合理的住宿之前完成SAS住宿申请流程.
  • 提供可ladbrokes立博中文版性声明,指导学生在课程大纲中使用SAS.
  • 除非学生另有同意,否则实施经批准的合理住宿.
  • 对学生的住宿保密,并私下进行相关的谈话.
  • 尊重学生不要求或使用住宿的权利.
  • Maintain the integrity of academic standards.
  • Evaluate students on their abilities, not their disabilities.
  • 如果有任何关于住宿和如何提供住宿的问题或顾虑,请联系SAS.
  • 按照禁止基于残疾的歧视的联邦和州法律行事.

SAS has the right to:

  • Require appropriate, professional documentation by a qualified professional demonstrating the nature and extent of the functional limitations of each diagnosis requiring accommodation.
  • 以未能提交所需文件等理由拒绝住宿请求, 或者当文件没有表明住宿是必要的.
  • Deny a request for an unreasonable accommodation or one which would alter an essential element of a course or degree program.
  • 选择同样有效的住宿为一个人的残疾.
  • 在需要了解的基础上与BSU的教职员工讨论特定的残疾相关信息.

SAS is responsible to:

  • 审核住宿申请,包括由合格专业人员提供的文件.
  • 及时回应学生的住宿要求.
  • Provide a student with rationale when a request is denied.
  • 维护学生文件和通信的机密性.
  • 为BSU学生提供合理的学术,社区和技术住宿.
  • 与教职员工合作,支持住宿的实施.
  • 按照禁止基于残疾的歧视的联邦和州法律行事.

每个学生的住宿都是通过合作定制的, interactive process that considers the students documented disability/disabilities as well as how they experience their disability/disabilities in the context of the University environment.

ladbrokes立博中文版提供的住宿是, at times, 不同于在高中通过学生IEP或504计划提供的服务/支持.

Some examples of accommodations include:

Auxiliary Aids

  • 辅助技术硬件和软件(参见附加信息)
  • Accessible tables in classroom and dining areas
  • Audio recorders
  • Assistive listening devices

Test Accommodations

  • Use of a reduced distraction testing area
  • Extended time
  • Use of a computer
  • Use of a scribe

Communication Access

  • ASL interpreting
  • Video remote interpreting
  • Remote real-time captioning (CART, C-Print, Typewell)

Classroom Accommodations

  • Assistive technology for note taking
  • Recording of lectures
  • Preferential classroom seating

Environmental/Physical Accommodations

  • Elevator access
  • Relocated classroom(s) to appropriately accessible space
  • Paratransit

University Community/Experiential Accommodations

  • Reduced course load
  • Accommodated registration

ladbrokes立博中文版提供一系列辅助技术(AT)工具和设备供学生使用. 无障碍软件安装在麦克斯韦图书馆的电脑上, Moakley Lab, and the SAS Adaptive Lab. 许多不同的AT工具可通过我们的办公室租用或下载. 我们专注于低成本或无成本的技术,以帮助促进所有学生的持续ladbrokes立博中文版. 提供咨询和培训,以确保学生与适当的资源匹配.

Some of the resources currently in use at BSU include: 

Blackboard Ally: Available in your Blackboard courses, 这个工具会自动将上传到黑板教室的文档转换为多种可选格式.  

Glean: A wonderful resource for notetaking, these help the user to create visual blocks from audio, which can then be edited for meaningful use in a number of ways.

Echo Livescribe Smartpens: The handheld Echo Smartpen from Livescribe permits the user to write while also recording audio that can be played back through the pen itself. 当与专业笔记本配对时,手写的笔记就被数字化了. 

ZoomText: ZoomText是一项针对低视力用户的技术,可以阅读、放大或以其他方式增强文本.

Assistive Listening Systems: These general-use devices vary in form, but generally permit a specific orator to transmit their amplified voice directly to a receiver unit used by a student wearing headphones. 

Speech to Text solutions: 可以使用各种资源将语音转换为文本,包括Read & Write. 

此外,一些学生可能会受益于他们的教科书的数字版本. 有相关住宿的BSU学生可以要求其他格式的阅读材料. Students who need accessible versions of their textbooks should contact the Student Accessibility Services prior to the start of the semester for further instructions.

This optional Fall program is designed specifically for newly enrolled students that intend to collaborate with SAS. Participants and their families will learn about navigating their unique roles in the higher education environment and what resources are available to promote their success.

SAS Peer Mentoring
我们的导师是经验丰富的本科生,他们作为残疾学生使用过SAS. 他们在各个方面帮助学员在BSU创造成功的经历, focusing on identifying and meeting academic and social needs. First-semester Freshman are prioritized for this program, with additional requests fulfilled as we are able. Capacity is limited.

Peer Connections for Course Registration
Offered to returning students during course registration week, 同侪导师会主持旁听会议,让学生在注册过程中获得额外的支持. 学生们被鼓励考虑诸如课间需要多长时间等方面的问题, scheduling courses during peak performance hours, etc.

Service Animal Planning 
If a student will be accompanied by a Service Animal on campus, 欢迎他们与学生无障碍服务中心合作,规划本学期的课程. This planning may include ensuring that classrooms, residence halls, 或其他校园地点-如科学实验室-准备好安全欢迎你和你的服务动物.  

Erika Pinault Memorial Scholarship 
埃里卡·皮诺纪念奖学金由布里奇沃特桥中心颁发, 硕士授予在学术上表现出承诺和成就的合格学生, models good citizenship, and demonstrates success in managing their disability. 

Preview Days, Admitted Students Days, Crimson & White Days, Bear Plaza, Transfer Welcome, etc.
Throughout the year, SAS participates in numerous events to help prospective and admitted students understand what our office can do to best support them at BSU. 

Graduate Assistantship
In partnership with BSU’s College of Graduate Studies, 学生无障碍服务每学年举办三届研究生助教奖学金. These competitive opportunities provide matriculated graduate students the ability to work toward their master’s degree while receiving valuable work experience and reduced tuition and fees.


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