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Take Your Learning to the Next Level

What our students love most about the 荣誉项目 at Bridgewater State University is a sense of belonging. We invite you to join this community of motivated students and inspiring professors. You’ll enhance your academic experience, make lifelong friends, and receive guidance from mentors to do your best work — all with the social support that shows 你属于谁.

The 荣誉项目 at Bridgewater connects students to a diverse, inclusive community on campus and to a network of honors students across Massachusetts and the country. Honors students enjoy small classes, close interaction with faculty, and rich opportunities for research, leadership and community engagement.


  1. 成为 part of a community committed to academic success.
  2. 经验 greater student-faculty interaction and engaging discussions in honors courses, which are capped at 15 students.
  3. 脱颖而出 for internships, jobs, leadership opportunities and scholarships.
  4. 创建 lifelong friendships and be supported both in and outside the classroom when you join an Honors Living Learning Community.
  5. Register for classes early 所以你 get the courses you need when you need them.
  6. Attend more than a dozen free 社交活动 每年.
  7. Enjoy the benefits of the Honors Center, which provides you with a home away from home.

Learn more in the 荣誉项目 brochure.

The most valuable aspects of the 荣誉项目 for me were the First-Year Living Learning Community (LLC) and Honors core classes, including First-Year Seminar and Second-Year Seminar. The LLC allowed me to meet like-minded people who quickly became my friends and made the transition to college a lot easier (plus the Honors RAs were super supportive!). The Honors classes allowed me to have a small-group feel in a big college, and I felt like my professors were interested in me, my success in the course, 还有我的兴趣. The 荣誉项目 taught me how to advocate for myself and take every opportunity I can, which are skills that I will most definitely use in my future endeavors.”
Spanish and Secondary Education double major


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